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This is the purchase page for the electronic book titled Funeral Ceremonies by Reverend Robert Joy

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The Funeral Ceremony or Funeral Services book is 121 pages and contains;

  • 16 Complete Funeral Services.
  • 58 Readings.
  • 12 Funeral Traditions.
  • Plus many pages where to start, how to start and plenty of helpful suggestions, comments and ideas and money saving tips.

The book is useful for people starting out as an officiant or minister also for more experienced ministers. The book is very useful for the bereaved family as it gives plenty of insight into Funeral Services and what is required or can be available and money saving tips.

After the credit card purchase, you will be able to download the electronic book. Once you have downloaded the book PLEASE SAVE IT before you close down your browser.

As in all my previous books, I offer a 100% guarantee of your money refunded in full if you are not totally satisfied with my book. Plus I am available to you regardless of where you live.


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